Name: Chantal Russell

Title: Author, Entrepreneur, Yogini, Studio Director, Mother

Self Care in one word: Rest

Did you have a childhood dream: To travel the world

Where do you find inspiration? From books, nature and Pinterest!

Have you achieved any of your dreams? Yes, many! I wrote and published a book recently, which has been a long time dream of mine. I’ve opened a beautiful yoga and holistic lifestyle studio on a gorgeous island off the west coast of Canada, and I’ve traveled to many of the places I dreamed of seeing. I believe our dreams are signs showing us what we’re meant to do here.

Your personal strength in one word? Resilience

When do you feel most challenged? When Mothering or dealing with conflict… I do not like confrontation.

When do you feel most at home? When I’m in Paris! Or doing yoga, reading a good book or savoring a delicious meal. And also when I’m in my physical home or house, which I’ve designed to be a sanctuary space.

What is your favourite Self Care secret or routine? I drink a lot of water, which keeps my body hydrated, and my mind clear and open to the juiciness of life. I adore essential oils and love to adorn myself with rose oil, and other tinctures I concoct myself.

What are your dreams for the future? There are still so many beautiful places on the planet I’ve yet to see, and so traveling continues to be a big part of what I dream of doing more of. On a deeper level, I dream that my work serves to awaken women to their innately divine feminine power to heal and nourish the world through creativity and beauty.

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