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Name: Lauren Luxenberg

Home: London

Title: Photographer & Creative Consultant

Self care in one word: Confidence

Did You Have A Childhood Dream: When I was younger I always wanted to be a lawyer like my dad - that was because I respected his knowledge and influence so much. On a more personal level, I always have dreams of being on a beautiful black horse through an open field. It's such a vivid dream. Horsebackriding is something I have since taken up and that feeling of exhilaration when I'm cantering or galloping on a horse is nothing less than what I expected.

Where do you find inspiration? I try to look for inspiration within myself when given the headspace, but if I'm struggling I'll talk to other people. Someone I really look up to and work closely with is photographer and creative Jonathan Daniel Pryce. In all honestly I wouldn't be where I am if he wasn't such a present support. I also find myself most inspired when I teach other people about what I do, and I am an enabler for ideas. For ex I ran a workshop the other week with some creative leaders around social media, and it gave me a lot of positive energy to foster creative ideas within the various groups.

Have you achieved any of your dreams? I have, yes. As I got older I struggled to find my calling in life through business school and university while everyone around me was going into corporate jobs like finance and law. I felt like I didn't fit in - and I didn't even think creativity was an option for me. I always admired photography and style, but never thought I could be a leader in those fields, or even had a chance. Going to universities like mine don't necessarily open your eyes to fields beyond business, science and media. Getting into Parsons School of Design in NYC for fashion management was my first achievement, and showed me I did have a chance. After coming to London for an internship before Parsons and deciding to stay and make my own connections it took me about four years of various jobs and running an independent publication to get to where I wanted to be - working in menswear for a leading luxury brand, heading up the social media and content production. In this job I strongly developed my photography skills, and my natural ability really sunk in when I took up film photography a couple years ago. I also did achieve the horse dream and from time to time when I need to clear my head I take a hack ride outside of London. Either that or photography really clear my mind.

Your Personal Strength In One Word: Independence

When Do You Feel Most Challenged: Usually when I've been given a task I've never done before and have too much time to complete it. I thrive off of being too busy and having tight deadlines. I would say I feel more empowered at those times though because I'm running off of a motivation high.

When do you most feel at home? When I'm behind the camera, or around people with positive energy

What is your favourite self care secret or routine? Working out, healthy food and solo exploring

What are your dreams for the future? To create meaningful content and imagery with creative collaborators from all over the world - together we will push the boundaries and represent culturally relevant issues through our projects. I'd also like to live and work freely and remotely - ideally someplace hot at some point in time.



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