Room Of Delicacy

Underwearables is a Mindset Brand, that wants to cultivate femininity and balance in modern women's lives. 



Embracing personal moments of connection and femininity, Underwearables is an invitation for women to slow down and connect to the delicacy of their body and soul. We want to see women feeling happy through self-care, body love and giving rituals. We want to cultivate personal growth and make our people blossom. Our mission is all about exploring a universe of intimacy and femininity, that makes women feel at home with themselves and inspire them to go out in the world with the courage to explore their own potential.


At Underwearables we celebrate the momentum of 'the gift'. Whether is the personal reward of self pampering, a special occasion in life, or a thank you gesture, we are dedicated to creating ready-made gifts with personality that inspire to share the moments with the women of our lives. We are committed to making women feel special through a gift experience of poetic exchanges and gestures that honours them from underneath. 



Dedicated to the continuous growth of our customers and partnerships, we are devoted to empowerment from underneath, where worshipping our inner potential as humans beings go hand in hand with sustainable supplies, that preserve natural resources and local craftsmanship.